Tax Deductions For Special Industries
The following is a sampling of tax deductible expenses that are available to those in the following industries. Of course, many items that are listed here may also be deductions for those in other industries.

  • Media, Arts, and Entertainment
    1. Union Dues and professional memberships
    2. Player’s Guide & other professional listings
    3. Photographic and Advertising Expenses
    4. Telephone answering service, voice mail, or pager
    5. Business use of home phone, cellular phone, etc.
    6. Stationery, printing, postage and other office supplies
    7. Script, Sheet Music, CD’s/Tapes, books and other research supplies
    8. Make up and dressing room supplies
    9. Wardrobe used in your profession only (can’t be “street wear”)
    10. Costume maintenance
    11. Coaching to maintain professional status/ Classes
    12. Commissions to: Agent, business manager, etc.
    13. Professional research viewing of theatre and movies
    14. Cable-TV (only business use portion)
    15. Publicity tickets for agents, producers, etc.
    16. Business gifts
    17. Unreimbursed entertainment expenses
    18. Hair and beauty expenses (not deductible for auditions/job search)
    19. Trade publications
    20. Coin telephone expense
    21. Travel expenses (not commutation)
    22. Tips and gratuities (backstage, doormen, dressers, etc)
    23. Equipment purchases
    24. On-line computer expenses (used for job search, research, etc.)
    25. Tax Preparation, accounting and financial management fees